These cookies look like chocolate bunnies.... but they're the same delicious vanilla icing/vanilla cookie you've come to love! Hand-painted gold flower embellished ribbon around bunny's neck. Classic Easter fun!


Meticulously decorated vanilla icing on buttery shortbread. 6 large 5" bunnies, beautifully nestled in a white windowed box in two layers, embellished with a beautiful bow!


  • If you're purchasing cookies to be delivered to separate locations, please place separate orders. We ship via USPS Priority Mail. Once the cookies are ready to ship, it generally takes 2-3 days to ship anywhere within the continental US. We cannot guarantee the shipping arrival date but do strive to ship early to ensure 'on time' delivery.

  • COOKIE: organic unbleached, locally sourced wheat flour, butter, organic locally sourced sugar, cream cheese, locally farmed eggs, sustainably sourced vanilla extract 
    ICING: locally sourced organic powdered sugar, meringue powder, vanilla extract and/or Artificial Food Coloring OR Natural Food Coloring