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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Ingredients? Are they locally sourced and sustainable? 

A:  It's very important to us that our cookies taste delicious and we take great care in sourcing our ingredients with exceptional quality and sustainability in mind. We have cultivated relationships with local companies and farmers to whom these values are equally important.


Shortbread Ingredients: We use California grown and milled organic flour, organic sugar, locally sourced butter and cream cheese, locally sourced pastured eggs, Fair Trade Certified vanilla, oodles of love!

Royal Icing Ingredients: Confectioners sugar, meringue powder, food color, Fair Trade Certified vanilla, and more oodles of love!


Q:  Do you make custom cookies?

A:  We are a cookie art bakery.  If you have a special event, we can make custom, bespoke cookies for you. Shane will design them for you after finding out your needs and the character of your event.  Think of it as commissioning an artist to make a piece for you...  because you believe in their style... their art.  Rather than making a single kind of cookie for an event, Shane typically will make several cookies of different sizes, shapes/designs, and colors that go together in unique and harmonious ways to please the eye and the palate.

Q.  Do you make logo/printed cookies?

A:  Yes we do! We are now set up to replicate your artwork/logos and print them on iced cookies. We ask for a 3 dozen minimum for custom logo cookies. There is a $35 one time set-up charge for each design. We are able to offer custom graphic design work for $120 per hour and are usually able to make simple modifications easily. Call us to discuss your project.


Q:  Do you hand-write names on cookies?  Will you replicate a design I saw on Pinterest or popular icons?  Can you do a Disney princess? 

A:  In a word, no. We prefer to offer our art to you as we make it rather than duplicating or reproducing someone else's work. We can accommodate changes in colors of our designs when appropriate to serve your needs. We do get excited about inspirational projects as commissions when our schedule allows. Let's be clever together! 

Q:  How many cookies do I need to order if I want something custom made?

A:  We have a three dozen cookie minimum for custom orders.


Q:  How much in advance do I need to order cookies?

A:  The short answer is that we almost always have beautiful and fun cookies to choose from to put together a selection for you to match your event and budget, even if it’s for the same day (local Napa area pick-up only) or to send to arrive at your destination within several days.

     If you are requesting a special/custom order, please be aware that we begin by researching ideas to create a design/collection for you. We then provide a sketch of a proposed idea/collection. Met with your approval, and if needed, we acquire special cutters for your designs. Then we must carefully craft the dough, cut each cookie one-by-one, bake them to perfection, choose and mix perfectly coordinated icing colors, decorate one at a time making sure we replicate the design as flawlessly as possible.  Once the icing is applied, it can take several days to dry completely before we individually package them.  The entire process can take from one to four weeks, depending on the size and intricacy of your order.  Thus, custom orders can require from two to six weeks’ notice before we begin production to make your event deadline for delivery.


Q:  Do you ship your cookies?

A:  YES!!  We ship cookies very successfully and have perfected our ‘safe cookie shipping’ procedures to destinations throughout the U.S.   Every order comes beautifully gift boxed, packed carefully in layers and embellished with a coordinated bow. We use eco-packing peanuts made of food-starch (that dissolve safely and completely in water or are great to reuse). We use our trusty USPS to send all of your cookies Priority Mail so they arrive anywhere in the country fresh and delicious, generally within 2-5 days once they're shipped. Please note: we will coordinate your shipping and arrival schedule with your approval. It's good to note that this method of shipping is not guaranteed. 

Q:  How much in advance do I need to order online?

A:  We typically can ship your order one to ten business days after you place it.  Please let us know if the order needs to arrive by a specific date.  You can specify your request in the ‘Notes’ section when placing your order during the check-out process.  


Q:  How much does shipping cost?  If I order multiple selections, can I save on shipping?

A:  We generally use USPS Priority Mail to ship your cookies. The pricing ranges from $10-$15.50 per selection. Our cookies stay fresh for weeks but we prefer to get your parcels to you within a few days once they've shipped and that your order is trackable. We do our best to keep your shipping charges as low as possible. If you order more than one selection going to the same address, you initially will be charged multiple shipping charges, one for each selection.  If we can consolidate your order into fewer Priority Mail boxes, we’ll refund the difference in shipping cost.  


Q:  Where can I buy your cookies locally?  Do you have a store?

A.  We have an in-home, European style bakery. Orders are placed online or by telephone (707-287-7890) to be picked up, delivered or shipped. We attend the St. Helena Farmers Market on Friday mornings and the Napa Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, where we feature cookie designs that are not always available on our website.  Come take a peek and introduce yourself!


Q:  Do Napa locals have to pay shipping for online orders?

A:  We have several options for locals.  If you're ordering online, you may select 'free Local Pick-up' instead of adding shipping charges to your order. You may pick up the cookies at our in-home-bakery (we arrange your appointment) or at the Napa or St. Helena Farmers Markets.  We also deliver cookies within the City of Napa at $10 per delivery, which is also an option for you to choose upon online checkout.


Q:  How long do your cookies stay fresh?

A:  Cookies Too cookies stay fresh for weeks.  We really mean it—they’re fresh and delicious for weeks after we make them.  You can order well ahead for your event and be assured they will be fresh and delicious on your special day!! And you’ll have peace of mind having them in hand, in advance!

Q:  What's the best way to store your cookies? Can I freeze them?

A:  We recommend storing your cookies in their individual packages in an airtight container, room temperature. They stay fresh for weeks and sometimes months (if it's even possible not to eat them before that!). Although, we don't recommend freezing the cookies, we have customers who do it and love the texture after they've been frozen. 


Q:  Do you offer gluten-free, vegan, sugar free cookies?

A:  We can make special order gluten-free cookies. Our recipe is not vegan and it contains sugar. At this time, we have no plans to develop a vegan or sugar free recipe. Because we generally don't stock gluten-free cookies, it can take up to two weeks to fill a custom order of our original designs. 

Q:  How are your cookies packaged?

A:  Each cookie comes individually packaged in a clear cello bag. We ship them layered in gorgeous ribbon embellished, turquoise or white gift boxes that are a delight to receive. Our gift boxes are pretty AND functional, ensuring that your cookies arrive intact. We use sustainably produced, recyclable packaging materials in our shipping boxes to keep your cookies safe, beautifully presented, and kind to our environment. 

Q:  Your cookies are gorgeous!  Where do you get your ideas?

A:  Our ideas come from many different places—nature, mainly.  We are inspired by color, fruits, flowers, foods, insects, cuteness, whimsy, and anything else that catches our fancy. We’re making edible, ephemeral art. Just as cherries and sunflowers go out of season, so do our cookies.  If you see something you like, grab it—it may be gone next week.


Q:  It seems like you almost always have something new on your site. How do I know about your new designs?

A:  If you haven’t already, click here to sign up to get Cookies Too news.  Also, check back on our site at least monthly.  Every month, we update our selection with fruits, flowers, and veggies that are in season, selected holidays, and whatever in nature inspires us that month.  Consider placing your order when you see something you like—it may not be available later.


Q:  When ordering cookies for upcoming holidays, how early should I order ahead of time?

A:  Because our cookies stay fresh for so long, and we are able to only make certain quantities in our small, European style bakery, we suggest ordering as soon as you see they're available  We don’t want you to miss out!

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