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About CookiesToo

A Cookie Art Bakery

Not unlike an artist studio, Cookies Too is a bakery where ephemeral art is made... on cookies with royal icing... to first delight your eyes... blow your mind a little... make you think outside the cookie box ... and then to delight your taste buds with sweet and buttery shortbread goodness...

So frequently we hear 'your cookies are too pretty to eat', to which we respond, 'too delicious not to...!' There are always more cookies... and just like many novel and special experiences life brings us... they become part of us and open us to more...

Cookies Too is a bakery where inspiration comes in from many avenues but mostly nature, and is served up to our customers on a platter... varying cookie sizes from bite size to double extra large, complementary colors and interesting themes provide an array of alluring edible sweets for your enjoyment.

In the spirit of a fine European bakery, Cookies Too cookies are painstakingly handmade, one by one from start to finish and are not meant to be mass produced. That is never our goal. We offer completely new and relevant designs every month and varying representations of our favorites as whim desires. Our clients know they can depend on us to keep them interested and surprised with our quality and designs.

Clients often ask about custom designs for their special occasions. We prefer to offer our art to you as we make it. We can accommodate changes in colors of our designs when appropriate to serve your needs. We do get excited about inspirational projects as commissions when our schedule allows. Let's be clever together!

Shane_Portrait_ArtClarity800_5591 COLOR

About Shane


Baking and cooking is in my blood. My maternal grandparents owned a bakery in St. Louis when my mom was growing up. The alchemy that happens when making dough and icing is beautiful to me. I feel the heritage and old world traditions of working with the ingredients coming through. I love it every time the dough becomes buttery yellow and forms into the perfect texture. There’s something special about rolling pins, too…

My training  in a cookie factory years ago was just enough to get me hooked! Ever since, I’ve enjoyed making cut out hand-decorated cookies during the holidays for family and hosted lots of fun cookie decorating parties with friends. I never thought I’d grow it into a business but you know what they say… do what you love!

As a fine artist I’ve used various mediums over the years to create my art and now it’s icing! I enjoy creating a visual ‘cookie story’ with interesting, thoughtful designs, varying cookie sizes and colors to delight the mind, eyes, and taste buds. It’s fun to create my own techniques or use traditional ones in new ways.

I hear All.The.Time. that the cookies are too beautiful to eat! But do it anyway... and then get some more!

Shane Willow Mittman happily lives in Napa, CA with her beautiful husband Robert.

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